Gaming machines at the WinnaVegas Casino Resort in Sloan, Iowa. Photo: WinnaVegas Casino Resort
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Another former leader of Winnebago Tribe pleads in gaming theft case

A third former leader of the Winnebago Tribe has pleaded guilty for the theft of gaming funds.

Charles Aldrich, 49, admitted to one count of theft from a gaming establishment, The Sioux City Journal reported. A plea agreement was filed in federal court on Monday.

According to the agreement, funds from the WinnaVegas Casino Resort were used to load pre-paid debit cards, which were then given to Aldrich and other members of the council. A total of nine former leaders -- including former longtime chairman John Blackhawk -- were indicted.

The leaders are being prosecuted in Nebraska, where tribal headquarters are located. WinnaVegas is on trust land in Iowa.

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