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Sara Trechter: County wastes more than $600,000 battling Mechoopda Tribe casino

It's hard to believe but the Mechoopda Tribe has been trying to build a casino in California for more than 15 years. After spending more than $600,000 on litigation, officials in Butte County continue to fight, with professor Sara Trechter of Friends of the Mechoopda calling for an end to the war:
Why has Butte County wasted over $600,000 in court costs fighting the federally granted right for the Mechoopda to develop a casino on the tribe’s land over the last 10 years? Why does the Board of Supervisors continue to squander taxpayer resources on a legal dead end? And what can we as a community do about it?

Despite community opposition (including editorials in the local press opposing the board’s actions and supporting the Mechoopda’s rights) and losing another legal battle last summer in federal court, the county filed a new appeal in January without holding a public forum. Such an insulting move also demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the historical place of the Mechoopda in our community.

The Mechoopda tribe is both a sovereign nation recognized by the U.S. government and integral to Butte County. Its right to self-determination is guaranteed by federal law. The Mechoopda have obtained all the required permits to build a casino and develop 91 acres out of a 625-acre parcel. If the county’s appeal succeeds, it thwarts the Mechoopda’s economic development plans to provide funding for education, healthcare and eldercare from casino revenues.

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Butte County v. Chaudhuri (July 15, 2016)

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