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Muscogee Nation seeks to disenroll citizen who leads rival Kialegee Tribal Town

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation is seeking to disenroll one of its citizens because he also holds citizenship in the rival Kialegee Tribal Town.

The two tribes are at odds over a potential casino on an Indian allotment in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. But Muscogee Nation Attorney General Kevin Dellinger told The Tulsa World that the disenrollment of Jeremiah Hobia has nothing to do with that dispute.

“The Nation’s actions related to the illegal casino in Broken Arrow arose simultaneously, but the Nation had no control over the timing of that issue," Dellinger told the paper in a statement. Dellinger's office also issued a statement on Friday explaining why he is taking action against Hobia.

Hobia serves as the leader of the Kialegee Tribal Town and his title roughly translates in English as "king." He is running for office in the Muscogee Nation so disenrolling him would prevent him from appearing on an upcoming ballot.

"Hobia either willfully failed to notify the MCN Citizenship Board when he became a member of the Kialegee Tribal Town or defrauded the Citizenship Board when he enrolled as a citizen with the MCN," the disenrollment petition states, Mvskoke Media reported last week. "All persons applying for citizenship with the MCN are required to sign a NO DUAL ENROLLMENT oath affirming that he/she will not dually enroll with another tribe."

The two tribes are recognized as separate governments by the United States. But the National Indian Gaming Commission contends that the Kialegee Tribal Town lacks jurisdiction over allotments that fall within Muscogee Nation territory, making any casino there illegal.

The Muscogee Nation raided one of those allotments on Wednesday and said it found unauthorized gaming devices. The owner of the allotment is facing charges in tribal court.

Hobia's disenrollment hearing also took place in tribal court, The Tulsa World reported. A decision hasn't been made on the petition.

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