Editorial: Alaska embarrassed by Rep. Young again

"Don Young has done it again. He has let his passion for defending Alaska carry him beyond the bounds of decorum in the U.S. House of Representatives. Once again, his intemperate bluster has embarrassed Alaska.

The occasion for his latest tirade? A Republican colleague's effort to cut a federal program that adds extra education money for indigenous students in Alaska and Hawaii.

It's a helpful program for Alaska, where we struggle to find effective ways of educating Native students. But at a time when federal spending is under lots of scrutiny, it's not beyond the pale for colleagues to wonder if this special program is necessary or appropriate.

Rep. Young claimed that his New Jersey colleague's attempt to cut the program serving Alaska was downright offensive. He said with indignation, "This is supposed to be a house of honor."

If anyone in this case is helping to call the honor of the House into question, it's Congressman Don Young.

BOTTOM LINE: Don Young's act is getting old."

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