Navajo delegate faces domestic charge

A Navajo Nation Council delegate was fined $50 for possession of alcohol and faces a domestic violence charge for allegedly abusing his wife.

Omer Begay Jr. pleaded no contest to the alcohol charge on Monday night, The Gallup Independent reported. The battery charge was pending as of Tuesday, the paper said.

Both charges stem from a night of drinking this past Saturday. Begay, 43, and his wife, Marlene Toadlena, 41, bought alcohol in Gallup, a border town, before heading back to the reservation. Begay allegedly punched his wife in the face on two separate occasions, according to a police report.

When Navajo Nation officers arrived at the Begay-Toadlena home, they found Begay "passed out," the paper said. They also found numerous bottles and cans of alcohol inside their car, some of which were consumed and some of which were empty.

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