Abenaki Nation loses federal recogniton bid

The Abenaki Nation of Vermont has lost its bid to become a federally recognized tribe.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs on Friday said the tribe did not meet four of the seven criteria for recognition. The tribe failed to prove descent from the historic Abenaki tribe, continuous identification as an Indian tribe, continuous existence as a distinct community and continuous exertion of political authority over its members.

The final determination issued by assistant secretary Carl Artman upholds a proposed finding from November 2005. The decision becomes effective within 90 days after publication of a notice in the Federal Register unless the tribe or other interested parties ask for an appeal.

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Feds deny tribe key recognition (AP 6/23)
Press Release: Artman Issues a Final Determination to Decline Acknowledgment of the St. Francis / Sokoki Band of Abenakis of Vermont (BIA 6/22)

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