Northern Cheyenne man moves onto next adventure

Major Robinson grew up on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation and has lived in Los Angeles, Florida and Japan. Now he's back in Montana to serve as acting director of for Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D).

“Once you hear all the steps, it makes sense,” Robinson, 48, told The Helena Independent Record.

Robinson, a member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, began his career in architecture in Los Angeles. In his spare time, he helped develop rides for a theme park, a job that led to a stint in Japan for Sanrio, the maker of the Hello Kitty products.

He returned back to the states after a few years and started working for Disneyland in California. Eventually, he made his way to Florida, where he helped design the Dr. Seuss ride for Universal Islands of Adventure.

In Florida, Robinson met his wife and they returned to Montana, where the operated a bed and breakfast on the reservation for a few years. After working for his tribe, he won a job with Gov. Schweitzer and helped form the Montana Indian Business Alliance.

“Rides are fun but I want to make a lasting impression on the Indian community,” Robinson told the paper.

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Oh, the places he’s gone! (The Helena Independent Record 6/25)

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