Letter: Healing for Mashantucket Pequots

"I returned to Mashantucket in 1996 at a time when I had limited means to provide for my family. The tribe presented the opportunity to better myself through higher education, housing and employment. I saw this opportunity as a direct answer to prayer, and I am merely one of many Pequots who used this opportunity to work toward the stability and success of my tribe.

Repatriating Pequots from around the country brought rapid population growth to my reservation, but not without a price. While I can attest that there has been internal conflict over the years, such conflict is normal for any community reeling from rapid exponential growth.

It is what we do with that opportunity that is most important. This is not about the “breaking up” of a community. Rather, this is about a season of opportunity allowing for the healing of old wounds, the challenge of new ideas, and the building of new bridges. And if we approach this opportunity positively, it will be a win-win situation."

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Lori Ann Potter: Many Pequots Benefit From New Opportunities (The New London Day 6/27)

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