Mother of drowned boy wants bullies banished

Saying she will "never forgive them," the mother of a six-year-old boy who drowned to death wants three bullies banished from the Pauingassi First Nation of Manitoba.

Rosalie Keeper says her son Adam was picked on by one of the oldest boys. "Sometimes he would make him cry, would hit him," Keeper told The Winnipeg Free-Press.

Adam was going to start first grade in the fall. "He was such a good boy. Funny, outgoing, energetic. I don't understand how this happened. It's hard to understand," Keeper said.

The boys -- ages seven, eight and nine -- allegedly forced Adam to take off his clothes and get into Fishing Lake. Adam couldn't swim and he drowned.

The boys won't be punished because they are too young. They were flown out of the reserve on Tuesday, the day of Adam's funeral, and are being put into counseling in Winnipeg.

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