Puyallup Tribe says police chief was disciplined

The Puyallup Tribe of Washington disciplined its police chief for having an affair with the wife of a subordinate, a spokesperson said.

The tribe suspended Joe Duenas in order to investigate the allegations. A report said Duenas had sexual contact with the wife of lieutenant Jeff Berys and with the wife of another officer.

"Joe was disciplined and he was reinstated. There was disciplinary action taken. He was on suspension and now he’s back on the job. That’s about all I can say," spokesman John Weymer told The Tacoma News-Tribune.

Berys doesn't think that's enough. He filed a suit in tribal court to see all disciplinary records. He wants the tribe to fire Duenas.

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Tribal officer wants chief fired, seeks files on affair (The Tacoma News-Tribune 8/31)

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