Germans obsessed with Cowboys and Indians

Thanks to author Karl May, Germans seem to have an unhealthy obsession with Cowboys, Indians and the Wild West.

Adopting Indian names like "Lonely Man," Germans dress up as Apaches and Comanches and hold dozens of powwows every year. They re-enact scenes from May's books, which depict and Apache hero named Winnetou

"To Germans Winnetou is like Paul Bunyan, Abe Lincoln and Elvis rolled into one," The New York Times reports.

Jürgen Michaelis, also known as "Lonely Man," loved May's books so much that he now lives in a teepee behind the Karl May Museum in Radebeul. "I’m 75 percent Indian but still German," he says.

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In Germany, Wild for Winnetou (The New York Times 9/12)

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