Editorial: Confirm Hopi woman as US Attorney

"The U.S. Senate needs to move swiftly to confirm Diane Humetewa as the U.S. attorney for Arizona. An experienced federal prosecutor respected by the state’s legal community, Humetewa’s nomination goes a long way toward repairing the political damage inflicted on the Justice Department by President Bush’s administration.

As Tribune writer Paul Giblin reported Friday, Humetewa is a 1993 graduate of Arizona State University’s law college who is serving her second tour with the U.S. Attorney’s Office. She left for a couple of years to work with McCain as legal counsel for the Senate’s Indian Affairs Committee.

Praise for her legal skills and proper deportment comes from all corners, including Charlton himself.

“She’s is a career prosecutor,” Charlton said. “She understands that a prosecutor’s objective is to do justice.”

Charlton also noted that as a member of the Hopi tribe, Humetewa brings a special appreciation to issues on Arizona’s 21 Indian reservations, where the U.S. Attorney’s Office plays a critical role."

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Do the right thing, Dems: Confirm Humetewa, now (The East Valley Tribune 11/19)

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