Navajo designers launch hip-hop fashion label

A young Navajo couple put their love for fashion and hip-hop together to launch a clothing line called UN3EK SY5TEM.

Tyson Powless, 28, and Quishana Begay, 21, say their line reflects Indian philosophy. "The unique system represents every tribe," Powless told The Farmington Daily Times "It represents the system they used to survive, how they struggled to keep their cultures, beliefs and traditions alive."

The couples makes t-shirts that mix Indian symbols and graffiti. They hope to expand into jewelry, skirts, dresses and shoes.

"In the end, people don't really care who the designers are as long as the clothes look good," Begay says.

The company operates out of the couple's home in Shiprock, New Mexico. A lot of their sales come from the Phoenix area.

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Dine designers go Hip Hop (The Farmington Daily Times 12/3)

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