Oklahoma weighs action on tribal tobacco

The Oklahoma Tax Commission is considering action to reduce the sale of low-tax cigarettes by tribal retailers.

The state could re-impose an emergency rule that limits sales at tribal smoke shops that near the Kansas, Texas and Missouri borders. Or the state could negotiate a new compact that sets one tax rate for all tribes, state Treasurer Scott Meacham said.

The emergency ruled was adopted after the state noticed that tribal smoke shops in border areas were selling their low-tax cigarettes to tribal retailers in non-border areas. The Cherokee Nation was found in violation of its tobacco compact and has since halted the practice among its retailers.

The rule was challenged in state court and was put on hold. But the court's restraining order will be lifted within 12 days, The Tulsa World reported, giving the state a chance to impose the rule again.

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State set to curb low-tax cigarette sales (The Tulsa World 4/23)

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