Snoqualmie group banishes, disenrolls rivals

A faction claiming control of the Snoqualmie Tribe of Washington banished eight rivals and disenrolled more than 60 people at a closed meeting on Sunday.

Only "preferred voters" were allowed to take part in the meeting, The Seattle Times reported. The meeting was called by honorary chief Jerry Enick, who claims he is the legitimate leader of the tribe.

The eight who were banished include a slew of officials who were elected by voters last year. And most of the disenrolled are related to the ones who were banished.

Chairman Bil Sweet said the rival faction has no right to banish him. "What kind of garbage is this? They aren't gods, they can't tell me I am not an Indian, they can't tell my sister she can't pray," Sweet told the paper.

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Snoqualmies banish eight, disenroll 60 (The Seattle Times 4/28)

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