Potential McCain VP pick has ties to Abramoff
Rep. Eric I. Cantor (R-Virginia), who is being mentioned as a potential vice presidential pick for Sen. John McCain, has ties to the Republican lobbyist that McCain helped send to prison.

Cantor was one of several Republican leaders in the House who accepted at least $19,000 from Jack Abramoff. Cantor responded by writing a letter to then-Interior secretary Gale Norton that warned her to reject tribes who were "reservation shopping."

Cantor defended the letter because he said he opposes all forms of gambling. But he only wrote if after receiving Abramoff's donations.

Cantor, who shares the Jewish faith with Abramoff, also received a sandwich in his name at one of Abramoff's restaurants.

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Democrats quick to rap Cantor as VP prospect (The Richmond Times-Dispatch 8/6)

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