Chippewa Cree Tribe passes anti-slander law

The Chippewa Cree Tribe of Montana has passed a tough anti-slander law that could result in the banishment for offenders.

The law makes it a crime to slander a tribal council member of a tribal employee. Offenders could have their property seized or could be expelled from the tribe permanently.

"They could remove my membership in the tribe and declare me legally dead," elder Jeanne Hobbs told The Great Falls Tribune. "They could sell my house, my possessions, my horses and my vehicles. They could exclude me from the reservation."

The law was passed after three anonymous letters accused council members of financial wrongdoing. Hobbs, a retired juvenile probation officer, dispatcher and jailer for the tribe, was questioned about the letters late last month.

"I told them I didn't write the letter and that I wanted an attorney to be present," Hobbs told the paper. "They threw me out of there pretty quick."

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