ICT: An interview with the Diva, Arigon Starr
Indian Country Today interviews Kickapoo/Creek entertainer Arigon Starr about her new project -- "Super Indian," a comic book and radio program about a very special hero.

Indian Country Today: Which came first, comic book or radio play?

Arigon Starr: The comic book was a funny idea spawned on a train ride through Australia in 2005. The radio comedy wasn't fully realized until May 2006 at the National Audio Theater Festival in Missouri. The first 10-minute episodes were broadcast live on National Public Radio.

ICT: Why an Indian super hero?

Starr: Why not? There are few Native American super heroes - and woefully few written and drawn by Native Americans.

ICT: Are the characters in SI modeled after real people?

Starr: It's been fun to mess around with some of our stereotypes - the bumbling tribal chairman, a feisty medicine woman, and a know-it-all radio DJ. Those are just some of the regulars on the fictional Leaning Oak Reservation."

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Q&A with diva Arigon Starr (Indian Country Today 2/27)

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