Letter: 'Redmen' mascot doesn't belong in school

"The school committee last year, after hearing from the Native American community, made the decision to drop the "Redmen" nickname.

This was the right decision, though it was unpopular with Natick's white majority.

According to the most recent census data, Natick's total population is approximately 32,000, of which 29,602 are white. The American Indian population of Natick accounts for just one-tenth of one percent - just 34 people.

Massachusetts Department of Education records indicate that the enrollment at Natick High School is 1,255 students. White student enrollment at NHS is 85.8 percent. Native Americans make up just three-tenths of one percent.

I my opinion, Native American people have made it clear that they find no "honor" in the "Redmen" nickname. I urge the School Committee to stand by their March 2007 decision, regardless of the results on Tuesday."

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Peter Sanfacon: No 'honor' in 'Redmen' (The Metrowest Daily News 3/21)

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