Indian superdelegate weighing Clinton, Obama

Of the three Indian superdelegates for the Democratic party, only one -- Kalyn Free of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma -- has yet to choose sides.

Free, who runs INDN List, a group that seeks to more put Indians in office, says she will go with the candidate who is most supportive of tribal sovereignty. But she doesn't think Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-New York) or Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois) have spent enough time discussing Indian issues.

"We are sovereign nations and there is a government-to-government relationship. The Democratic candidates vying for our support should meet with tribal leaders and hear our concerns," Free told the Associated Press.

As a result, Free said Indian voters could turn to Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona), the former chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. She said McCain has a well known record in Indian Country.

Frank LaMere, a member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, has said his superdelegate vote will go to Obama. Montana Rep. Margarett Campbell, a member of the Assiniboine Tribe, supports Obama but can't publicly endorse him for now.

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