Indian baby gets face time with Obama and Clinton

A 10-month-old Indian baby managed two photo opportunities of a lifetime when Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama campaigned in Montana.

Twila Old Coyote took her daughter, Tazawana Jo Barlow, to an Obama rally in Missoula in hopes of meeting the candidate she supports. But Old Coyote said Obama was refusing to take photos at the event.

"Except with babies," she overheard him saying after he spotted Tazawana. Old Coyote caught a photo of them with her camera phone.

The next day, Old Coyote attended Clinton's rally. She had given up hope of getting close until the former first lady said "Oh, there’s a baby."

"I want to take her with me," Clinton reportedly said as Old Coyote snapped a picture with her digital camera.

Old Coyote is Crow. Her husband, Albert Barlow, is Paiute.

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