Jodi Rave: Obama secures Indian superdelegates

"Superdelegate Kalyn Free, one of the most influential women in Indian Country politics, announced on Monday her support for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Her endorsement brings solid consensus in support of Obama among all Native superdelegates to the Democratic National Convention this August in Denver.

“I'm seeing a rebirth and reawakening in this country to political activism,” Free, a DNC at-large member, said on Monday. “We're seeing something in this country we haven't seen since the late '60s. We're seeing record numbers of people getting involved. The catalyst for all this, the common denominator, is Sen. Barack Obama. He has lit a fire in many hearts across the country.”

The Choctaw woman from Oklahoma said she embraces Obama's commitment to bring Native people into the national political discussion, including a pledge to invite tribes to an annual White House summit and to include Natives in his administration.

Free is one of only three Natives in the country who have risen to the top voting ranks as a superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Nebraska's Frank LaMere, also a DNC superdelegate, announced his support of Obama in February. Superdelegate Margarett Campbell, vice chairwoman of the Montana Democratic Party, pledged support to Obama in April, but recanted after party rules prevented her from backing any candidate until after the state's June 3 primary."

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