Editorial: 'Redmen' nickname a symbol of oppression
"This Monday, the School Committee is scheduled to reconsider its vote to do away with Natick High’s "Redmen" nickname.

Since the original vote was taken last year, on March 5, to drop the name because it can be understood as a pejorative reference to Native Americans, the debate has taken on new cargo.

A number of legal opinions – both solicited and unsolicited – as well as a non-binding referendum vote are now added freight in the debate. And two of the most outspoken advocates for doing away with the Redmen nickname are no longer on the School Committee.

But the dividing line between those who advocate keeping the nickname and those championing a change remain as clear and unchanged as ever.

Opponents of a move to change the school sports teams' nickname have put forward two main arguments for their case: that the name pays honor to the legacy of the land's native people as well as the school’s athletes, and that changing the long-held team nickname would represent a cowardly capitulation to political correctness."

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EDITORIAL: Committee should do away with ‘Redmen’ name (The Natick Bulletin and Tab 6/13)

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