Opinion: Treatment of Native people a disgrace
"As America prepares to celebrates its’ 232nd birthday, it might be appropriate to remember other Americans who have neither the means nor the desire to celebrate. Many Native Americans today live in communities with alarming high levels of poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, and suicide.

Therefore, I doubt many Native American children wave sparklers in the warm summer air. I doubt many Native American families barbecue hot dogs and eat patriotic cupcakes with little white candy stars on red and blue icing. I also doubt they sit around and watch the night sky light up with amazing displays of fireworks. I doubt many attend patriotic parades that display the stars and stripes of “old glory.” Somehow I don’t think that the descendants of a conquered people see this storied holiday in the same light.

In short, the treatment of our our native people was and still is a massive tragedy and disgrace. Instead of Mount Rushmore, people might consider other monuments to visit like Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, and the Trail of Tears.

After all, these are our own people who were dealt a terrible injustice by the same government who should have protected their rights. Unfortunately, many seem to have forgotten them. Martin Luther King once stated that an injustice to one is an injustice to everyone. A visit to any Indian Reservation in this country, will clearly illustrate to the caring observer that this problem is not one to be found in history books alone. Let us not close our eyes on it."

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Chris Sandoval: Celebrations muted in Native American communities (The Denver Rocky Mountain News 7/3)

Indian Health Care Improvement Act Amendments:
S.1200 | H.R.1328

Apology Resolution:
S.J.Res.4 | H.J.Res.3

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