Elderly couple arrested in Hannahville drug sweep
An elderly couple who have been married 25 years say they were tricked into committing a crime by FBI agents who are targeting the Hannahville Indian Community in Michigan.

Edna Keezer, 60, and Reed Keezer, 55, say they aren't drug dealers. They were charged for possession of marijuana after a man who was cooperating with the FBI set them up for an arrest off the reservation.

"Life on the rez is different than society because we are more of a trusting people - we trust each other - we look out for each other,'' Edna told Indian Country Today of the couple's willingness to agree to hold the drugs for the man, who is a member of another tribe.

Edna said FBI agents told her she could go free if she named three other people who were dealing drugs. The catch was she could only identify people who live on the reservation.

'I asked, 'Can it be off the reservation,' and Special Agent Jay Johnston said, 'No, it has to be on the reservation,''' she said of one of the agents who questioned her.

So far, the FBI and local authorities have arrested at least 20 people for dealing marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs.

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