Native holiday still in dispute in Nebraska county
Two tribal members who sit on the board of supervisors in Thurston County, Nebraska, walked out of a meeting on Tuesday in protest of a vote aimed at repealing the county's Native American Day.

The walkout by Darren Wolfe, a member of the Omaha Tribe, and Paul Snowball, a member of the Winnebago Tribe, prevented the board from repealing the holiday. But it's still unclear whether county employees will be able to take the day off due to a dispute over the original vote that created the holiday.

Supervisor Teri Lamplot objected to the holiday because she wasn't present for the vote back in March. She has served on the board of directors One Nation United, an anti-tribal sovereignty group that is closely connected to the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, another anti-Indian group.

Native Americans make up 52 percent of the county population. The Omaha and Winnebago tribes are based in the county.

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