Virginia tribes won't see recognition this year
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing, September 25, 2008.



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Barring a political miracle, it looks like six Virginia tribes whose ancestors greeted European settlers 400 years ago won't be getting federal recognition this year.

The House passed the tribes' recognition bill in May. The Senate Indian Affairs Committee held a hearing on the bill yesterday, the furthest the tribes have gotten in the process.

But with Congress adjourning for the November elections, Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota), the chairman of the committee, said the tribes will have to wait until 2009. That means they will have to start again from scratch.

"I'm very optimistic the right thing is going to happen," Chief Stephen Adkins of the Chickahominy Tribe told Media General News Service after the hearing.

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Committee Notice:
BUSINESS MEETING to consider S. 335, to be followed immediately by a LEGISLATIVE HEARING (September 25, 2008)

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