San Manuel Band linked to murder-for-hire plot
The intended victim of a murder-for-hire plot wants to include the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians in a $50 million lawsuit.

Leonard Epps is suing two tribal members -- Stacy Cheyenne Barajas-Nunez, 26, and her brother, Erik Barajas, 36 -- for taking part in an attempt to murder him. Both pleaded guilty and have been sentenced to home confinement.

Epps now wants to add the tribe to the case, citing negligence because the siblings and other reputed gang members allegedly met in the tribe's casino to discuss the murder plot. The tribe has since voted to banish Barajas-Nunez and Barajas from the reservation.

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Lawsuit links tribe to '06 murder-for-hire case (The Riverside Press-Enterprise 1/14)

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