Jodi Rave: Series on Indian lawmakers in Montana
"Forestina “Frosty” Calf Boss Ribs, D-Heart Butte, joined House colleagues this week for her first session in the Montana Legislature.

“We're going to have a good session,” said Calf Boss Ribs. “It's going to be a great session. It's good to know you belong to something and you're here to help the people of Montana.”

She said she has a lot to do and much to learn during the next 90 days. She is one of nine members of the American Indian caucus, one of the most representative Native legislative bodies in the country. Her committee assignments will call on her to debate proposed laws that will come before the Education, Fish, Wildlife and Parks and State Administration committees. While she has not submitted any bills for debate, she is working with Sen. Carol Juneau, D-Browning, on a proposed elder abuse bill. The bill is being currently being drafted.

“The elders are our wisdom,” said Calf Boss Ribs. “We need to have our generations and the younger generation respect all elders. They're our guides for the future. We need to set priorities for our young ones to always respect them.”"

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Jodi Rave: Calf Boss Ribs to target elder abuse (The Missoulian 1/8)

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