Opinion: Civil rights abuses among California tribes
"We support reform of the Indian Civil Rights Act in such a way that this would be possible. Our hope was to provide some of the 3000+ Indians in California who are being victimized by corrupt tribal governments the right to due process at the state and federal level.

The state of California must move to enact legislation that will insert the enforcement of the Indian Civil Rights Act into the gaming compacts.

The situation has now come to crisis in Lake County.

I am concerned about the possible violation of Indian civil rights happening at Robinson Rancheria.

When citizens voted for Indian gaming in California, they voted with the understanding that gaming revenues would improve the conditions of tribal people in the areas of jobs, health, education and general welfare on the Rancherias.

In what appears to be a “form of genocide” that is being committed by the tribal government at Robinson Rancheria, tribal people have lost jobs and health benefits, loss of elders assistance including a senior meal program, loss of education benefits, and the loss of tribal cultural identity as a member of one’s tribe.

I have asked our state and federal legislators open an investigation on the growth of human and civil rights violations in Indian country, so that these civil rights issues can be addressed."

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Rebecca L. Curry: Human and civil rights abuses not acceptable (The Lake County News 2/24)