Editorial: Saying thanks, goodbye to Lu Young

"Lu Young was Alaska Rep. Don Young's partner in marriage, work and family for 46 years. When she died overnight Saturday at age 67, she left an example of devotion that transcends politics and policy. Steve Hansen, a Young aide for 21 years, noted that the congressman often told voters that they got a two-for-one deal with him and Lu. It's testimony to the strength of their love and marriage that anyone who saw them together didn't have to be told.

Lu Young worked with her husband in his congressional office, worked to get his legislation passed. When Young introduced her at the Alaska Federation of Natives convention in 1996 -- when his opponent was Georgianna Lincoln -- he pulled no punches.

"You want a woman in Washington, D.C.? This is the woman you have in Washington, D.C."

Yes, it was savvy political theater. But more than that, Young was telling delegates the truth about his wife. She was a force on behalf of her husband and their convictions about Alaska's political interests."

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