Column: 'Redskins' is the equivalent to N-word
"On a Saturday night in New York, the sports world vilifies Serena Williams for raining threats upon a line judge.

Yet a day later across the river, the same sports world celebrates a team whose nickname is considered a threat to an entire ethnic group.


A pro football season begins with two noted players banished to the sidelines for "conduct detrimental to the integrity of, and confidence in, the National Football League."

Yet that same league supports a team whose entire identity is forged through a symbol of detrimental conduct known as racism.


It remains one of the great mysteries in sports, a 77-year-old crime that remains largely ignored and purposely unsolved.

How does a team from the nation's capital, supported by a fan base of some of the nation's greatest thinkers, maintain a nickname that is the Native American equivalent to the N-word?"

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Bill Plaschke: 'Redskins' is no honor, it's an insult (The Los Angeles Times 9/18)

Relevant Documents:
Petition for Certiorari

D.C. Circuit Decision:
Pro-Football v. Harjo (May 15, 2009)

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