Blog: Top BIE officials leave Haskell in jeopardy
"Haskell seems to be getting the short end of the stick with the school's President being detailed to another Native school while Haskell itself is undergoing the accreditation process.

I am sure you are all familiar with the Cobell litigation and the assertions that the US Government mismanaged fiscal resources for years. The total of these fiscal resources can not be reconstructed and the lost interest, opportunity, and energy can not be estimated. Even federal officials cannot begin to calculate the amount of time and resources they have now put into investigation and discovery.

This case remains on a high profile throughout Indian Country. I would like to draw some comparisons.

All tribal leaders, elders and even those of you listed in this correspondence would attest that the single biggest resource for Indian tribes is its youth-the next generations. Tribal leaders lobby for more money for education and are quick to ask questions about cutbacks that affect schools, both public and BIE serving Indian kids.

If students are the biggest resource and are actually more important then paper money, then why does the BIA continue to hire and promote individuals who have no experience or expertise to run those schools.

Even more importantly, why does Interior's top officials continue to look the other way when decision affecting those schools jeopardize the quality of education affecting this resource. "

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