Turtle Talk: Major Crimes Act challenge rejected
"Here is the unpublished Ninth Circuit opinion. An excerpt:

Section 2241(c), as applied to Sandcrane, does not violate the Equal Protection Clause, as it does not discriminatorily classify Native Americans on its face. See City of Cleburne, Tex. v. Cleburne Living Center, 473 U.S. 432, 440 (1985). Nor does any disproportionate impact of Section 2241 on Native Americans result from discrimination. See Washington v. Davis, 426 U.S. 229, 241 (1976). Any disproportionate impact Section 2241 has on Native Americans simply reflects the different treatment of criminals under the Major Crimes Act who commit crimes in a federal enclave."

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US v. Sandcrane — Equal Protection Challenge to Major Crimes Act Rejected (Turtle Talk 2/4)