Hualapai Tribe asserts sovereignty over airspace
The Hualapai Tribe of Arizona intends to pursue a lawsuit against a man who flew over the reservation and took pictures without permission.

The tribe confiscated equipment from Lionel De Antoni, saying he flew over the reservation near the
Grand Canyon Skywalk. "We have the right to determine who will or will not fly over Hualapai territory," former U.S. attorney Paul Charlton, who is representing the tribe, told The Arizona Daily Sun.

De Antoni said he was asked to apologize to the tribe. . "Why would I do an apology? I just read a map which says I can fly. I flew in legal airspace," he told the paper.

The Federal Aviation Administration isn't taking sides, the paper reported, but said the tribe doesn't have any airspace rights.

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Hualapai, pilot at stalemate (The Arizona Daily Sun 2/18)