Q&A: Alaska Native man runs for mayor in Anchorage
The Anchorage Daily News interviews Walt Monegan, who is running for mayor of Anchorage. Monegan is well known in the state for his law enforcement career and for being the first Native to serve as the state's top public safety official, until he was fired by Gov. Sarah Palin (R) in a still-controversial move.

"Q. The biggest problem facing Anchorage is ...

A. Today it is the budget shortfall, tomorrow it will be the economy, and next, it will be energy. Each is a problem that needs to be addressed before becoming a crisis. Each is a challenge best met by someone who has been trained and has experience in handling challenges and crisis, and a record of working well with all parties to overcome such problems together.

Q. Give one example of the kind of development you think Anchorage needs more of, and one Anchorage needs less of.

A. Road infrastructure that allows improved traffic flow across town, east-west, and north-south. It would also be beneficial to include sidewalks, pathways, or trails parallel along such routes. What we need less are more "big box" stores, in that we are probably beyond saturation point, and are stifling small businesses.

Q. What, if anything, should the city do about the prospect of more bear attacks in city parks this summer?

A. A public awareness campaign for our community in schools, park and trail signs, community councils, libraries, and on the Muni Web site on safety tips in bear country should be provided. Certainly, if we work with state agencies to address problem bears, mind our own trash, pets, and wild food issues, we can enjoy living safely in our Alaskan community."

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Monegan sees money, energy as looming challenges (The Anchorage Daily News 4/2)

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