Editorial: Navajo Nation needs enhanced 911 service
"The fact that many emergency services common to most communities are not available to large portions of the Navajo Nation is not a new revelation.

The 27,000-square-mile reservation is mostly remote and located far from normal utility services, and the cost to tap into what is available is not always cheap.

Also, there are many traditionalists on the Nation who like it that way, and by choice want to live a lifestyle of less stress, with fewer ties to the outside world and a life more in line with ancient values.

However, for those who do want modern services such as running water, electricity and improved phone services, such utilities are long overdue, and it is time at least one important service gets provided to help save lives and property.

Decisions must be made now by residents and leaders on the Nation that affect the response time of emergency responders.

Dialing 911 to report an emergency is a service often taken for granted by most San Juan County residents."

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Editorial: Navajo residents need enhanced 911 services (The Farmington Daily Times 6/9)