Editorial: Navajo elders share culture with youth
"American Indians leaving the reservation all too often leave their culture behind and can become disconnected from their heritage. Likewise for those not interested in taking the time to learn it while still at home.

But conferences like the one held recently in Shiprock shows what can be accomplished in just one day to keep traditions alive.

Sponsored by the Navajo Peacemaker Court, the forum brought children and teens together with elders to learn about sacred and everyday Navajo traditions.

The youth were paired with the elders to learn how to make fry bread, weaving, constructing a cradle board and the traditions and techniques of sheep butchering.

They also learned about the sweat lodge and the significance of the hogan.

The tribe's spiritual beliefs, collectively known as K'e or the Navajo Way, emphasize the importance of preserving and restoring balance and harmony with nature."

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