Book Review: Little River Band in 'Our People'
"As I read " People, Our Journey: The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians," I kept thinking about a question I was asked years ago -- and that has lingered in my mind ever since -- toward the end of a presentation I made on American Indians.

I was asked whether I thought Michigan Indian tribes fared better than other tribes from other parts of the country. It was a thought-provoking moment because I know several tribes around the country were obliterated, yet 12 Michigan tribes still remain. I recall answering that "all things are relative, and it depends on how you view them, and I suppose our tribes did better because we are still here."

The truth of the matter is: Historically, every American Indian tribe faced tremendous struggles of varying magnitudes. Most Michigan Indian tribes struggled for their very existence and ultimate "recognition" by the federal government -- although, of course, they existed even when unnoticed by the United States government.

Such was the case of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. The tribe's history is presented in "Our People, Our Journey: The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians." The well-researched book is written by James M. McClurken, a trusted historian in American Indian circles, who has worked laboriously on behalf of several Michigan tribes."

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Little River Band's history shows perseverance despite hardships (The Grand Rapids Press 7/26)