Lawsuit challenges Wilton Rancheria restoration
The city of Elk Grove and Sacramento County are challenging the federal restoration of the Wilton Miwok Rancheria of California.

A lawsuit says the tribe lost its recognition through the California Rancheria Act of 1958. The city and the county say the tribe waited to long to change course.

"The tribes’ challenge to their termination under the Rancheria Act was subject to the six-year statute of limitations," the lawsuit states, according to The Elk Grove Citizen.

The Me-Wuk Indian Community of the Wilton Rancheria and the Wilton Miwok Rancheria sued to regain recognition, saying they weren't terminated in a lawful manner. A settlement with the Interior Department resulted in the tribe's restoration in June.

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City, county challenge Wilton Miwok restoration (The Elk Grove Citizen 9/2)

Federal Register Notice:
Restoration of Wilton Rancheria (July 13, 2009)

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