EchoHawk addresses students in North Dakota

Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Larry EchoHawk speaks to students at the Bureau of Indian Education's Theodore Jamerson Elementary School in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Assistant secretary Larry EchoHawk spoke to Indian students in North Dakota on Tuesday about the importance of education.

EchoHawk urged students at Theodore Jamerson Elementary School to take responsibility for their education. He pointed to his own experience, having been supported by his family to work hard and succeed.

“I come from a family that places a high value on education,” EchoHawk said. “The path through the school door led me on a journey of learning and experience that I enjoyed. It has led me to being here with you today as the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs. I know that same path leads through every school door. With hard work and dedication, it, too, can take you on a journey as rewarding as mine has been.”

EchoHawk spoke after students listened to President Barack Obama deliver his "My Education, My Future" speech. "It was cool," fourth grade student Robert Sam told KFYR-TV.

The school is part of the Bureau of Indian Education system. It's located in Bismarck, North Dakota, on the campus of the United Tribes Technical College.

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