Opinion: Attorney gets paid to insult Hopis
"Scott Canty has crossed the ethical line when he call his clients, the Hopi people , who are saving water and preventing destructions of archaeological and burial sites within Peabody leaseholds, "shills" for outside conservationist groups.

All Hopi people, including members of the council who have pride in calling themselves Hopi, are conservationists and environmentalists. We have a covenant with Ma'sau to help steward the land.

Canty is the general counsel to the Hopi Tribe and should not be labeling H.O.P.I., Black Mesa Trust, Hopi farmers, traditional leaders, religious leaders and hundreds of individuals supporting Black Mesa Trust as decoys for outside organizations.

Canty seems to think we are incapable of thinking and making decisions on our own.

He has now insulted every Hopi and should be considered persona non grata. The Hopi Tribal Council should not be paying Canty over $100,000 plus generous benefits to insult us."

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