Sho-Ban festival goes virtual for first time
The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes of Idaho invited a technology company to the reservation to document the 46th annual Shoshone-Bannock Festival.

Regal 360 produced a "virtual" tour of the event, which took place in August. The feature includes images that can be viewed in almost any angle and audio.

"It was a tremendous honor to be welcomed by the tribe into the center of the Grand Entry Circle, and to be given the rare and unique opportunity to capture the experience of participating in the festival," Terry Montague of Regal 360 said. "With traditional music performed by the Cree tribe-musical guests this year at the festival, along with lots of dancing, hand-game competitions, the Miss Sho-Ban contest, Arts and Crafts, and many moments of wisdom being passed along from the tribal elders to those in attendance, it was the chance to appreciate this proud culture and enjoy a great time with them."

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