Opinion: No genocide of Natives in Canada
"I criticise the crappy Vancouver 2010 Olympic logo that happens to be American Indian, and the marginalising of European immigrants in Games merchandising, and get branded a racist. Oh, but I left out “genocide”. Silly me! You know, the genocide of Native Americans, as described by Leftists, that didn’t even take place in Canada. But white guilt and the imposition thereof apparently has no boundaries.

Mentioning the words “Native” and “European” in the same column has triggered the University of Starbucks Magna Cum Latte history club to dump lengthy, biased, anti-European rants into my inbox about the “genocide” European immigrants perpetrated on American Indians. In Canada? My response: go throw yourselves into the gaping mouth of a spirit bear the next time one comes charging out of the recesses of your brainwashed skull while toking up.

How about some inconvenient facts? The Natives owned slaves in the Americas. Indeed, Mohawk chief Joseph Brant in Canada had a ton of black slaves when the slave trade was abolished by the British, to whom he had previously sold a seven year-old black girl.

American Indians may have done many admirable things, and theirs was a fascinating culture, and some terrible things were done to them, but they were also raping, beheading, killing and starving each other long before the Europeans arrived. That hasn’t stopped historical ignoramuses from trying to peddle the myth that Indians were just sitting around making macramé and commiserating profoundly with the likes of Bambi and Thumper, which somehow prompted the Europeans to spontaneously go postal."

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Rachel Marsden: White guilt has no boundaries: now the Vancouver Olympics crowd are lecturing me about Native American genocide (The Telegraph 10/12)