Stockbridge-Munsee Tribe chooses new leaders
Members of the Stockbridge-Munsee Community of Wisconsin shook up their tribal council in an election on Saturday, October 10.

Kim Vele, an attorney and sitting council member, defeated longtime president Robert Chicks for the tribe's top post. Chicks had served for 12 years, or six consecutive terms.

Doug Huck, an attorney and council member, defeated Terrie Terrio for the treasurer post. Terrio had served 22 years, or 11 consecutive terms.

Voters retained Greg Miller as vice president and council incumbents Jolene Bowman and Joseph Miller. Scott Vele and Craig Kroening, Sr., who have served on the council in the past, were elected.

"The tribe, like many other local, state and tribal governments face challenging times during this economic downturn. We are being very careful with how we spend our money and we will be developing short and long-term plans for the tribe’s future financial security," said Vele, who has served as a judge for the tribe.