Editorial: Tohono O'odham Nation opposes mine
"The feds got an earful this weekend from opponents of the proposed Rosemont Mine — and it appears that they are listening.

That's a good development.

We have argued repeatedly the federal authorities must approach the Rosemont project with an open mind; they must factor the very specific and vehement objections from those who will be affected by the mine into their decision on whether the project will go forward.

Tohono O'odham Nation Chairman Ned Norris Jr. announced in one meeting that the Tohono Tribal Council had, on Friday, passed a resolution opposing the mine.

There are 96 cultural sites at Rosemont and 70 have been recommended for the National Registry of Historic places, the resolution states. The tribe considers the Santa Rita eligible for listing as a traditional cultural place under the National Historic Preservation Act because tribal people traditionally used the area for hunting and gathering, according to the resolution.

"We have history. We have stories. Those stories and legends we continue to share," Norris said. "What will that mine do? It will harm our environment and devastate the habitat on which many species depend.""

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