In the Loop: No monkey business for Interior talk
"Don't forget! Today's the day to see famous primate expert Jane Goodall, speaking at 3 p.m. at the Interior Department's headquarters auditorium.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar e-mailed all headquarters folks last week to invite them to hear Goodall talk about her new book: "Hope for Animals and Their World: How Endangered Species Are Being Rescued From the Brink."

"I strongly urge you to join me for this unprecedented event," he wrote. But Salazar seems a bit worried that some of his employees may become overly excited by her presence and "message of hope," as he put it, and start behaving badly. Maybe some Fish and Wildlife Service folks will get rowdy and complain the department is not doing enough about endangered species?

"This is not a First Amendment Forum," Salazar warned. "Employees should use this opportunity to share constructive ideas on how to manage the Department and its issues and should be civil in their communications." No catcalls or rushing the stage, okay? (Goodall, after hanging with primates all those years, can probably handle herself.)

"Employees with personnel issues or whistleblowing concerns are encouraged to use well-established Departmental procedures for pursuing those interests," the e-mail said. "

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