Opinion: Team should do right thing on 'Redskins'
"In July 1965, my father composed and mailed a letter (a letter was this thing you wrote longhand, or at a typewriter, which was this thing ... oh, never mind) to Edward Bennett Williams, who at the time was acting president of the football team for which dad owned season tickets, the Washington Redskins. Dad wanted to bring to the franchise's attention what he felt was a slight to its black ticket-holders.

Dad and other black ticket-holders were offended by the inclusion of "Dixie" in the Redskins band's game-day repertoire, as well as the flying of the Confederate flag in the stands.

"Let's make the Negro patron feel really welcome in 1965 and not accept his $6.00 admission fee and then publicly insult him," Dad wrote.

Williams replied later that month: "I agree with your suggestion and will see that it is carried out."

What was my father's favorite team hasn't insulted that significant part of its fanbase since, but it continues to do so to a significant part of our country's heritage by holding onto its nickname, a slur on American Indians."

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