Native women's organization loses funding sources
The Oglala Sioux Tribe of South Dakota and the Department of Health and Human Services have suspended funds to Cangleska amid a financial review.

Cangleska operates a shelter on the Pine Ridge Reservation and one in Rapid City, off the reservation. The one in Rapid City has been closed to overnight stays due to money problems.

“We had a lot of unpaid bills that we couldn’t pay. That was the first thing that concerned me,” interim co-director Wayne Weston told The Rapid City Journal.

The tribe plans to take control of the Rapid City shelter after a financial review. But the shelter on the reservation is in danger of closing without additional funds.

The Rapid City Journal did not report details on the financial issues but Cangleska executive director Karen Artichoker and some managers at the organization have been suspended.

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Native women's shelter closed for financial review (The Rapid City Journal 12/5)