Quileute Nation upset with MSN.Com 'Twilight' feature
The Quileute Nation of Washington is expecting a public apology today from MSN.Com for an unauthorized video that was shot on the reservation as part of the Twilight saga.

MSN used scenes of the tribal council building, the senior center and a cemetery for its Twilight feature. The video featured the grave of a Quileute in an inappropriate manner, publicist Jackie Jacobs said.

"This situation has caused an enormous amount of pain and suffering to the Quileute Nation as a whole, but especially to the descendants of the Quileute chief," Jacobs told The Peninsula Daily News. "An apology will never erase that hurt."

MSN contacted a local chamber of commerce for permission to film but never talked to the tribe, Jacobs said. MSN and the tribe will work together to produce a series of educational videos.

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Quileute to receive apology for MSN.com's 'Twilight' video (The Peninsula Daily News 1/11)